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Official access point to the EV charging network
in the southwest of Western Australia.

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About ChargeStar

RAC WA have chosen E-Station to supply the hardware and ChargeStar to supply the software for the RAC Electric Highway™ that stretches from Perth to the Margaret River region in Western Australia. The electric highway provides DC and AC charging via DC CHAdeMO/CCS Combo 1 cables and AC Type 1 (J1772) cables. There are two charge stations at each site.

The Electric Highway encourages the use of clean and sustainable electric vehicle transport by providing infrastructure that eliminates range issues and facilitates fast charging of electric vehicles. Local council authorities will provide sites for the charging stations. The roll out commenced with the opening of the Margaret River charging station on the 22nd June 2015.

The stations will fast charge an electric vehicle to 80% charge in twenty minutes. E-Station and ChargeStar provide driver management services for the network.